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  • Maths Age 5-6 - 9781844197743

Maths Age 5-6

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Melissa Blackwood, Liz Dawson, Stephen Monaghan and Letts Monster Practice
Key Stage 1/Ages 5-7
No Exam Board
• pre-launch mailing to shop managers introducing monster characters and concept
• in-store promotional activities including create your own monster’ competitions and events
• dedicated monster website
• direct to parent marketing through websites such as iChild
• motivating tools and activities to be distributed to teachers to generate awareness and interest in parents and pupils
Extensive market research with children, parents and teachers carried out during development stage.

“The slime recipe in the fun zone went down particularly well – I had to promise to make it at home! I think the fun zone is great.” Parent

“I like the pictures they are really good they are funny and have given me drawing ideas” Age 6

“It’s funny and makes me laugh.” Age 5

“I like the one eyed Monster on wheels.” Age 8
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