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  • Religious Studies - 9781844195268

Religious Studies

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Daniel Phillips and Robert Phillips
Key Stage 4/GCSE/Ages 14-16
No Exam Board
All key concepts and skills are covered in this clear and user-friendly Religious Studies revision guide. GCSE-style practice questions reinforce understanding and help students prepare for the exam with confidence.

Part of the Letts GCSE Success series, this revision guide will put you on the path to exam success in six simple steps:

1. Revise all the key concepts and skills that you need for your exams are covered in a clear and user-friendly format
2. Boost Your Memory these revision tips will help you revise effectively, including mnemonics and other devices to make sure those important facts really sink in
3. Maximise Your Marks invaluable advice to make sure you pick up all the marks available in your exams, and avoid common mistakes
4. Test Yourself revise actively and check your progress with these quick tests
5. Stretch Yourself more challenging questions will test and reinforce understanding of the more difficult concepts
6. Practise for the Exam ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the exams with these GCSE-style practice questions
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