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  • OCR Maths - 9781844194131

OCR Maths

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Peter Sherran and Janet Crawshaw
A Level/Ages 16 and above
No Exam Board
Providing plenty of exam practice and frequent progress checks and questions to consolidate learning, this AS & A2 OCR Maths study guide contains invaluable advice and preparation for the exam.

Extensive coverage of the OCR course:

• AS & A2 specification checklists to organise your studies
• tick boxes to record your progress and plan your revision
• in-depth coverage of core AS & A2 topics

Also included in this book:

• examiner's tips that reveal how to achieve higher marks
• exam board labels that allow students to identify content relevant to their course
• topics subdivided into short, manageable sections
• highlighted key points and terminology, and examiner's hints to offer guidance
• progress check questions to test recall and understanding
• sample questions and model answers that reveal what examiners are looking for
• exam-style questions and answers that provide crucial exam practice
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