In a strange and wonderful place, not too far from here, lives a scare of monsters. A 'scare' is what some people call a group of monsters, but these monsters are really very friendly once you get to know them. They are a curious bunch - they look weird and peculiar, but they are quite like you and me, and they love learning new things and having fun.

  • Otto


    Otto is an amorphous monster, which means he is a shapeless blob containing a big, intelligent brain.

    Because he hasn't got arms and legs, he wears a specially designed robot suit so that he can get around and do things.

    He controls his robot suit with the power of thought.

    Otto is fascinated by how things work and he loves taking them to pieces and then putting them back together again.

    Favourite things

    Fixing things

    Racing Poggo on hist skateboard


    Pet hate

    Water (it makes his robot suit rust)

    Monstrous fact

    Otto once reached a speed of 34.6 miles per hour racing Poggo!

  • Webber


    Webber is a myriad monster – he has lots of eyes and lots of limbs, which means he is brilliant at multi-tasking.

    Webber is very organised and likes measuring things and telling the time.

    If you asked him, he would tell you that his favourite hat is 53cm tall, can hold 12 litres of tea, and that he bought it at twenty two minutes past three on a Wednesday afternoon five years ago.

    Favourite things

    His pocket watch

    Recording measurements


    Pet hate

    Being compared to a spider (he’s a myriad monster not a spider!)

    Monstrous fact

    Webber can read a book, write a letter and play chess all at the same time!

  • Poggo


    Poggo’s family are all orso monsters. They are distant relatives of the yetis.

    Poggo has twin sisters who drive him crazy – sometimes they are great fun, but at other times they can be really annoying.

    He likes listening to music. His favourite band is Monster Madness. Dad is always telling him to turn the volume down!

    He also loves skateboarding and can do a few tricks. His best trick is a monster kickflip.

    Favourite things

    His skateboard


    Having adventures with his best friend Litmus

    Pet hate

    Mashed monsterberries – yuck!

    Monstrous fact

    Poggo won a prize at school for learning his times tables. He learned them by turning them into a song!

  • Litmus


    Litmus loves finding out fascinating facts about the world around him and carrying out scientific experiments.

    The Professor has spent a lot of time teaching him about health and safety after he nearly blew-up the science lab with one of his wacky experiments!

    Litmus likes going skateboarding with Poggo. He can’t do any tricks but one day he plans to invent a turbo-charged skateboard so that he can beat his friend.

    Favourite things

    His chemistry set

    Skateboarding with Poggo


    Pet hate

    When other monsters stand on his tail!

    Monstrous fact

    Litmus once turned one of the caves bright blue by growing copper sulfate crystals on the walls!

  • Tizz


    Tizz has a twin sister called Fizz. Although they are identical twins their personalities are very different.

    She likes to tease Fizz, calling her ‘Little Sister’, because she was born first by 18 minutes.

    Tizz loves her camera and she takes photographs of everything. She has lots of scrap books where she sticks her photographs, along with mementos like postcards, cinema tickets, party invitations and other items she has collected.

    Favourite things

    Her camera

    Making scrap books

    Having sleepovers with Fizz and Kora

    Pet hate

    Squints – those boggle-eyed mini-monsters give her the creeps!

    Monstrous fact

    Tizz has a digital camera but she prefers using her old film camera and printing the pictures herself!

  • Fizz


    Fizz loves playing sports. She is really good at basketball, but she also likes playing football and going swimming.

    When she is older she hopes to compete in the Monsterlympics.

    When she’s not playing sports, Fizz likes to read books. Her favourite books are stories where magical things happen. Sometimes she daydreams about what it would be like to have magical powers.

    Favourite things



    Making up dance routines with Kora

    Pet hate

    When Poggo says he is better at football than her, because he’s definitely not!

    Monstrous fact

    Fizz won a medal for swimming 100 metres monster crawl in the fastest time!

  • Kora


    Kora is an irvin monster. She can breathe on land and under water. She has webbed feet and is an excellent swimmer, but not as fast as Fizz.

    She enjoys writing stories and drawing and has even made some picture books just for Nano.

    Kora is very quiet and shy when you first meet her, but once you get to know her she is great fun and will always give new things a go.

    She has been rock-climbing and abseiling and one day she would like to try sky-diving.

    Favourite things

    Writing stories

    Adventure sports

    Swimming in the lake with Fizz

    Pet hate

    Monsters who say ‘I can’t’ without trying first!

    Monstrous fact

    If she concentrates hard Kora can change colour to blend in with her background, so she always wins at hide and seek!

  • Nano


    Nano is a baby orso monster or ‘cub’. He is the brother of Poggo, Tizz and Fizz.

    He loves his older brother and sisters, especially when they play with him.

    Like all young cubs he can crawl very fast and will put anything in his mouth, so you have to keep a close eye on him.

    He once ate some of Leckie’s food when Tizz and Fizz weren’t looking.

    Favourite things

    Anything red

    Going to the park

    Leckie and Zak (the monster’s pets)

    Pet hate

    Having to go to bed when his brother and sisters are allowed to stay up and play!

    Monstrous fact

    Instead of being called ‘toddlers’, young monster cubs are often called ‘creepers’!

  • Mum


    Favourite things

    Hiking and hill walking

    Her compass

    Listening to her favourite monster soap opera, ‘The Lurkers’, on the radio

    Pet hate

    When the young monsters don’t tidy their rooms!

    Monstrous fact

    Mum loves exploring and always has a compass with her so she never gets lost!

  • Dad


    Favourite things

    Family holidays to the seaside

    His motorcycle

    Gran’s homemade monsterberry pie

    Pet hate

    The dark (he carries a torch and spare batteries everywhere!)

    Monstrous fact

    Dad is a miner and spends a lot of time in the caves mining for precious minerals!

  • Gran


    Favourite things

    Studying mini-monsters

    Meeting her friends from the Monsters Institute for lunch


    Pet hate

    Lazy monsters!

    Monstrous fact

    Gran is a Monsterologist – she is always on the lookout for new species of mini-monsters!

  • Grandpa


    Favourite things

    Tinkering with mechanical things

    Telling stories to the young monsters

    Monster brew

    Pet hate

    When other monsters talk slowly and loudly to him just because he’s old!

    Monstrous fact

    Grandpa is the oldest monster – he is 136 years old!

  • The Professor

    The Professor

    Favourite things

    Helping the young monster learn new things

    Studying the curious behaviour of human beings


    Pet hate

    He can never find clothes to fit!

    Monstrous fact

    The Professor was awarded the Monster Prize for Medicine for his research into cures for monster pox!

  • Leckie


    Favourite things

    Sleeping on Tizz’s bed

    Chasing mini-monsters

    Hiding and then jumping out at passing monsters

    Pet hate

    When Nano pulls her tail

    Monstrous fact

    Although Leckie only has one eye she has excellent eyesight and can even see in the dark!

  • Zak


    Favourite things

    Going for walks

    Playing frisbee

    Having his tummy tickled

    Pet hate

    Having a bath

    Monstrous fact

    Zak can fly which means he is brilliant at playing frisbee – he never misses it!

  • Ziggy


    Ziggy is Otto’s nephew. He is another amorphous monster.

    Because he is young, he is only just learning how to control his robot suit using the power of thought. Sometimes, when he gets very excited or angry, he loses control of it and spins round and round in circles until he calms down.

    Ziggy likes rockets and space and often goes to the Monsterville Space Museum with his Uncle Otto.

    He has just started school at Monsterville Primary School.

    Favourite things

    Painting pictures

    Watching films about stars at the 3D cinema in the space museum – it’s like being in space!

    His toy space ship

    Pet hate

    When other monsters ask him what he is painting – can’t they tell? It’s obvious!

    Monstrous fact

    Ziggy wants to be an astronaut or an artist when he grows up.