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We are aware that our language and labelling around learning styles/preferences needs refining.

Our books aim to give children access to revision content that helps them understand and practise what is required of them in the exam. We know that sometimes students can learn better when they engage with a piece of learning in a variety of ways. The Letts range aims to use a mix of ‘hands-on’ activities, audio content and highly visual page designs to offer several different ways of approaching each topic to help all learners do well. We would want to avoid making any other claims about learning styles that are not borne out by evidence.

We realise that some references to ‘learning styles’ in the copy used in our marketing and inside the books are over-simplified and unclear. We had already embarked on a full review of the Letts revision ranges, and we will be changing our messaging to ensure that it more precisely reflects what our books are about.

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